House #6: Final Pictures

April 3, 2009 · 15 comments

As promised, here are the final pictures from The Red Garage House (minus a final garage picture, unfortunately)…

I’m thrilled with how well this house turned out, and the staging makes it look 10x better. We’ve listed the property about $10K above what we had planned, in hopes that we can get a better-than-expected offer in the next couple weeks; if we don’t, we’ll drop the price to under $100K when we get closer to the 90-day mark on this property.

Regardless, I have a feeling this is probably one of the nicest $100K houses in this county, and some lucky buyer is going to get a great deal…

Btw, here’s the virtual tour and the marketing flyer

15 responses to “House #6: Final Pictures”

  1. Ingrid says:

    Really awesome. The staging is simply fantastic. Your wife does a phenomenal job!

    I’d like to ask, what brand appliances are you putting in for the fridge and stove?


  2. J Scott says:

    Hi Ingrid –

    We’re using all faux stainless steel Hotpoint brand appliances from Home Depot.

    Hotpoint is GE’s low-end brand of appliances.

  3. kwerner says:

    What, no after pics of the infamous “red garage”? Just kidding. The place looks fantastic, especially for being in the $100k price range!

    Your flips just keep getting better and better, Scott. Have you considered mentoring / taking on an apprentice?

    From what I’ve seen, you have mastered every aspect of this business in under a year – that’s incredible! Your pre-purchase analysis and repair estimates are spot-on, you buy right, you make just the right amount of repairs – making the property look the best in the neighborhood without over spending or over rehabing for the area, you seem to consistently meet or beat your deadlines, you manage your contractors well, and you sell your properties at the right price – moving them quickly and leaving enough profit in the deal for “wiggle room”. I believe you’ve developed a system that can be modeled with stellar results. Have you considered teaching this system?

    What’s the next step for you and the business?

  4. J Scott says:

    kwerner –

    Thanks so much for the nice feedback!

    First off, I’m far from an expert on any of this. I’m continually surprised at how little I know, and am also surprised at how much we’ve achieved over the past year. And it’s the *WE* that’s the key to this.

    I’m good at some things (the numbers, the analysis, the management), but my wife and my brother are what has made this business a success so far. In fact, my biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to do this is to build a great team, and that’s exactly what I have.

    As for mentoring, I’m always happy to work with other investors who are trying to learn the business; all I ask of them is that they’re super serious and will do their best to help others further down the road. Better yet, I’d love to find other investors (new or experienced) who I can work *with* to help benefit both of us.

    And as for selling my “system,” I’ve always said that I’d never “sell myself” by selling my information, but if I thought I could put together all the information that I’ve learned into a coherent and useful format (book, videos, e-book, seminar, etc), I’d definitely do it.

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t really worry about competition…if I can help 1000 people succeed in this business, it will no-doubt help me more than it will hurt me (especially if I pick the right 1000 people to help).

    And as for where the business is going, that’s a question I’ve started asking myself a lot lately…so stay tuned…as soon as I know, you will too…

  5. hakrjak says:

    Very cute little house!

    – Hakrjak

  6. Mallan says:

    Good job guys, this really turned out great. One of the two of you has a great eye.

  7. kristeen says:

    simply amazing lish – yet another great job!

  8. Jingle says:

    Very nice. I was looking at your flyer and am wondering how big the house is and it there a strategic reason that you don’t use the square footage in the marketing flyer?


  9. Rowen says:


    I just noticed that you’re “House Pics” section says that the Roach Duplex is “under renovation”. Did you take my suggestion?

  10. J Scott says:

    Hey Jingle –

    This house is actually deceiving in size — it’s two floors, with the first floor being about 800 sq ft and the second floor about 1000 sq ft. So, it’s seems small when you’re in it (each floor seems small), but the combined sq footage is actually relatively large.

    As for why we don’t market the size, that’s a good question (I’ll have to ask my wife). In Georgia, in general, square footage is not used on MLS listings, because it can be difficult to verify, so there are strict rules about using it.

    I’ll follow-up and let you know…

  11. J Scott says:

    Rowen –

    Still haven’t decided what to do with the duplex, but if we don’t sell it in the next couple weeks, we’ll likely start some renovations…

  12. Ingrid says:

    Hey J Scott,

    Don’t mean to be nitpicky, but your lishproperties site has the duplex listed as $36k, but on the flyer it’s listed as $33k.

    Also, did I miscount, or do you have House #9 under contract? 🙂

  13. J Scott says:

    Ingrid –

    Yes, I need to fix that, thanks! I originally was selling it for $33K, but when I listed it on the MLS (and knew I’d have to pay extra fee if sold to a buyer with an agent), I upped the price to $36K. But forgot to change the flyer…

    Yes, I do have #9 under contract (as of yesterday), but haven’t posted about it yet. But I did throw a banner up on the Lish Properties site a bit prematurely…I need to have a structural engineer come out on Monday to ensure I really want this to be #9, and will post after that!

  14. Tom Tarrant says:

    What’s the scoop on the white cabinets in the red garage house? price/brand/supplier? They look good. Thanks buddy,


  15. J Scott says:

    Tom –

    Actually, those are the cheapo cabinets that were in there originally:

    I had my painter sand and paint them, and we threw on some nice hardware to make them look new. Turned out better than I had expected…though finding matching hinges to replace the broken ones was a pain the ass!

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