“Invest Four More” Podcast

May 11, 2017 · 2 comments

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Carol and I recently spent about an hour speaking with Mark Ferguson, host of the Invest Four More podcast (and InvestFourMore.com). Mark is also the co-author of our new book, The Book on Negotiating Real Estate.

We talked all about negotiating real estate deals, including tips on how to be a better negotiator and pitfalls to avoid when negotiating real estate. Check out the full podcast here:

Podcast 98: How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal with J and Carol Scott

2 responses to ““Invest Four More” Podcast”

  1. Gabe Sanders says:

    Some very good ideas in this podcast. Thanks.

  2. Catalyst Condos says:

    Negotiation is surely the most difficult trick of the field to learn. Links for the book and negotiating deals were really helpful in understanding the topic in detail. Thanks and keep posting.

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