50% Rule: Video Tutorial

March 17, 2016 · 9 comments

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A couple years ago, I was playing around with some tools to create online tutorials. Just as a test, I created a video that discussed the “50% Rule,” which is a rule of thumb often used for quick and dirty analysis of potential rental property deals.

While I never planned to make the video public (it wasn’t very polished), I’ve gotten some good feedback on it, so I thought I would post it for anyone who was interested in learning more about the 50% Rule and how it’s used:



9 responses to “50% Rule: Video Tutorial”

  1. Eric Bowlin says:

    Great explanation of all the costs included in the 50% rule. I think it’s interesting that you included some overhead expenses as well. Do you think this means that your cost per unit will decline as you acquire more units?

  2. Jason Wheeler says:

    Good tutorial. This was a new perspective form me. Always good to learn new things from good bloggers.

  3. Jon Albert says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing

  4. Great Video! The 50% rule is an excellent tool to use to investigate weather a property is a good candidate for purchasing. I have done deals that have been above this mark and found that the closer it is to the 50% rule the safer it is. You do take on a little more risk if the subject property is a little above it say 60% or so but I have been successfull even at these turnovers.

    Geoffrey Jones

  5. Chris says:

    Amazing video, I’ve been looking for tutorials to help my start buying rental properties. I’m going to put this to good use! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nicole Owens says:

    This video was geat! It explained what the 50% rule was perfectly and why its so important. Thank you!

  7. Darrel Lawerence says:

    Video was great! Thanks!!

  8. Steven Freed says:

    Great explanation Video. I really appreciate it.

  9. rentfriend says:

    Great blog and very useful video. It helped me a lot to start my adventure with house flipping.

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