BWI Speaking Engagement

August 13, 2014 · 8 comments

If anyone in the Maryland area is interested, I’ll be speaking this evening (Wednesday, August 13) at the BWI Real Estate Meetup in Columbia, MD:

BWI Meetup

8 responses to “BWI Speaking Engagement”

  1. Mandy says:

    Will you be speaking anytime in the Atlanta, GA area? I am interested. I recently attend an engagement this Saturday with Peter Vekselman Real estate expert and it was subpar!

  2. J Scott says:

    Hi Mandy,

    I don’t charge anything when I speak, so all expenses come out of my own pocket. For that reason, I typically only speak when I just happen to be someplace and am asked to speak. I don’t plan to be back in Atlanta until at least next year, so I probably won’t be speaking there anytime soon. Sorry…

  3. J Scott says:

    And I’m sorry that the Peter Vekselman event was subpar…I’ve heard several other people who thought he was pretty bad as well…

  4. Jamal Johnson says:

    J, will you be speaking anytime in Maryland in 2017? I live in Delaware which isn’t that far from you. Also, I just read your book on flipping houses which is full of solid investment advice!! I’m implementing now!!


  5. J Scott says:

    Hi Jamal – I spoke last month at a local REIA, and will probably be speaking again in the next few months at one or more other REIAs in this area. I’ll post updates here on the blog and on my Facebook page!

  6. Jamal Johnson says:

    Awesome J, I’ll definitely look at out for your next speaking engagement on your blog. I do have a direct mail related question. I’m new to this form of “off line” marketing as most of my previous deals came from wholesalers (most weren’t but this a different conversation for another day.

    I did read your book and really focused on the “How to find deals” section regarding direct mail marketing. I’m not a big fan of the yellow letters as EVERYONE is sending these now. Any other ideas that you have from a direct mail perspective?

  7. J Scott says:

    Hey Jamal – These days, I’m seeing a lot of postcards to investors who may be looking to sell their properties. Homeowners are less likely to sell these days than they were a few years ago (when the market wasn’t so strong), but there are lots of investors out there who have been picky up inventory over the past couple years and are now looking to unload part or all of it. It’s a great way to pick up rental properties, or to pick up current rentals that can be rehabbed and flipped.

  8. Jamal Johnson says:

    Hmmmm…never thought about that option. I’ll investigate!…Thanks J!


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