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House #19 – SOLD

3-Year Recap!

August 12, 2011

This weekend marks three years since we purchased our very first rehab property, so I thought I would spend a bit of time recapping what we’ve accomplished in the first three years, along with some of the statistics and interesting tidbits of our journey. Here’s a quick recap of our accomplishments: 24 Houses Purchased & […]

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House #19: Final Analysis

January 27, 2011

We sold The Flood House today…it’s was a great project, and the team and I are very happy with the overall results (see Schedule and Financial Results below). In fact, in retrospect, this is probably one of my favorite projects and houses yet… After the flooding in our area sixteen months ago, we’ve been cautious […]

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House #19: First Appraisal

January 12, 2011

I mentioned last week that we were having some appraisal issues with The Flood House (here’s that post)… After finding out that the appraisal came in low, my wife and I scrambled to find better comps than the appraiser used, and to figure out why the appraisal didn’t reflect the value we believed it should. […]

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House #19: Appraisal Issues

January 5, 2011

Our record with getting our houses to appraise has been tremendous over the past couple years. Not only are we careful when we buy, but we make sure the final product is the best in its price range, we work closely with the appraisers to make sure they have the information they need, etc. Unfortunately, […]

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House #19: Inspections

December 28, 2010

The buyer for The Flood House completed her inspection last week, and we received a copy of the Inspection Report yesterday… As suspected, the inspector found a few minor issues (9 to be exact) and nothing major. The nine issues consisted of a couple contractor mistakes (hot/cold water lines reversed on two faucets, tub drain […]

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Update for 12/27/10

December 27, 2010

Things have been pretty busy personally (we’re getting ready to have our second baby in a couple weeks), so I haven’t had a lot of time to update the blog, but I wanted to give a general update on the four properties we are currently holding… House #1: The Corn House It’s been almost two […]

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House #19: First Contract

December 20, 2010

I mentioned the other day that we received our first offer on The Flood House…as of this morning, we’ve come to full agreement with the Buyer and the house is officially under contract… The agent representing the buyer actually did a decent job of trying to negotiate on behalf of her client, but we knew […]

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House #19: First Offer

December 18, 2010

We received our first offer on The Flood House this morning… The house has been on the market for about two weeks, and given that it’s holiday time and the weather is tremendously cold, I’ve been surprised that we’ve gotten any traffic through the house before Christmas. We’ve had a few showings up until today, […]

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House #19: Staging Pictures

November 30, 2010

As I mentioned the other day, The Flood House is renovated, staged and on the market for sale… Unfortunately, my wife has been away for the past week, so my sister-in-law and I were responsible for the staging ourselves (with my wife directing us over the phone :)). While the staging turned out great, unfortunately […]

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House #19: Budget Recap

November 26, 2010

As of yesterday (Thursday), The Flood House rehab is complete, after just 5 weeks (1 week ahead of schedule)… If you recall, our original budget goal for this rehab was $34,500. Given this was the first rehab we were attempting on a house that had major flood damage, I was a bit concerned that there […]

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