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January 21, 2009 · 0 comments

I took the past two days off work (MLK holiday and inauguration) — as did many of the agents and bankers that I work with — so I don’t have too much to update in terms of the business. But, my wife has been working her butt off the past couple weeks putting together templates that we can use for marketing our properties to buyers.

In addition to the company “For Sale” signs (which look awesome in their final form), she’s been working on marketing fliers, open house fliers, direct mail pieces, virtual tours, etc, all of which look fantastic and have gotten great feedback.

While I don’t think having a lot of marketing collateral is absolutely necessary to successfully sell houses, it certainly makes things easier. From virtual tour links on the MLS to direct mail campaigns to local renters to plastering Open House signs in local businesses, every eyeball you get on one of your marketing pieces is another opportunity to find a buyer. And best of all, most of these marketing efforts are free (other than the cost of paper and ink).

To give an idea of what some of this her marketing collateral looks like, here are some links:

Having the templates makes replicating all our marketing material — for future properties or to market for other investors — a relatively simple task. And as we continue to realize, scalability is tremendously important when it comes to all the details of buying and selling houses.

Again, this makes me realize that if my wife weren’t so talented, there’s no way I’d be successful at this stuff…

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