Lots of Closings (Hopefully)

January 13, 2010 · 0 comments

Just a quick post, as we’re traveling this week to Washington, DC for another staging gig…

In theory, we have a lot of closings coming up next week:

  • House #12: The Mini House: The buyer now has an $1800 deposit riding on her being able to close her loan by the end of this week. We haven’t heard anything yet, and have decided that we aren’t going to press the agent any further. Assuming they are ready to close on Friday, we will probably push it to Monday, when we’re back in town. If they’re not ready by Friday and ask for another extension, it’s going to cost them even more.
  • House #14: The Pine House: Closing is scheduled for Tuesday. We got into a big fight with the listing agent on this one, as we wanted to terminate the agreement given it’s taken so long to close and the mold problem has gotten worse. The agent basically said that — according to the contract I signed — the seller was entitled to keep our deposit if we back out, even if the seller misses the closing date. Unfortunately, the wording in the contract is such that I don’t know if we’d get our deposit back or not if we decided to fight it (my attorney is trying to decipher the legalese), so we’ve decided to just move forward with the closing, and eat the couple thousand dollars extra it’s going to cost us. Closing is scheduled for next Tuesday.
  • House #15: The Neighbor House: Closing on this one is scheduled for next Friday. As far as we can tell, everything should go smoothly.
  • House #16: The Probate House: We turned the contract in to the closing attorney this past Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, we had clear title and were ready to close. All the closing attorney is waiting for is some info from the seller, and we should be good to go. I expect we’ll close this one on Monday.

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