The Trifecta House: Staging Pics


As a reminder, here is a link to some BEFORE pictures of The Trifecta House…

Here are the STAGING pictures of The Trifecta House…:

View From Street

Front of House


Living Room (Looking Into Dining Room)




Kitchen (With Cutout Looking into Living Room)


Eat-In Breakfast Area (In Kitchen)


Dining Room


Master Bedroom (Looking from Sitting Area)


Master Bedroom (Looking at Sitting Area)


Master Bedroom


Second Bedroom


Third Bedroom / Office


Guest Bathroom


Backyard / Back of House

11 responses to “The Trifecta House: Staging Pics”

  1. Mark in Fl says:

    We have a few black pieces to anchor the room combined with red accents to give a splash of color to the neutral palette.

    She’s good, I think you should keep her. ; )

  2. Kristeen says:

    Wow! This house looks great! The staging really makes this property “pop”. One question…curious why you replaced the kitchen cabinets. They looked like they were in good condition and not outdated in the before pics…. Congrats on another great flip, Lish Team!

  3. J Scott says:

    Kris –

    We replaced the cabinets because I won for once!!! 🙂

    Seriously, we always argue about whether we should replace cabinets or not when the old ones are in decent shape. I hate painted cabinets and I hate the way old cabinets make the whole house look old, but she generally is able to convince me. In this case, the countertops were in pretty bad shape, so we HAD to replace those…and there were so few cabinets in the kitchen (small layout) that replacing those as well was only another $1800. Paining would have been $450, so for another $1350 we got a completely new kitchen.

    In this case, the price was well worth it!

  4. J,

    Great rehab and the staging really pulls it together. Just curious to what you pay In your neck of the woods.

    We have about 5 houses hitting the market and am considering staging.

    Good call on the cabinets for $1350, the perceived value is so much greater, where do you get your cabinets from?

    Typically we replace the cabinets but if we get a place with decent shape cabinets we do a laquer color coat. We shade the laquer to the color we want and spray the cabinets with the laquer rather than paint.
    The finish actually looks nicer than the new cabinets we usually put in.

  5. J Scott says:

    Hey Curtis –

    My wife actually does all of our staging. We own about 6 sets of furniture these days, so we generally have enough for all our houses at a given time. Plus, if we have extra sets, she’ll do staging for some other investors in the area. I HIGHLY recommend it…given that our houses aren’t much nicer than some other rehabs in the area and aren’t priced much more aggressively, I attribute much of our success to staging. Most buyers can’t imagine what an empty house would look like with furniture, and empty rooms appear much smaller than they do with furniture in them. We typically get an offer within the first 3 showings these days, and I give staging much of the credit.

    As for cabinets, we get them from a local supplier who buys them straight from the manufacturer (Liberty Cabinets).

    Great idea on the laquer rather than paint. I’m going to give that a try on our next house that we keep the cabinets!

  6. Mark in Fl says:

    I’d like to try the lacquer although I’ve never worked with it. I assume he’s using a HVLP sprayer.

    Any tips on prep Curtis? What primer and paint do you recommend?

  7. Mark in Fl says:

    J Scott,
    Would you or Carol say that replacing the overhead fluorescent light with the $70 or so track lighting is a good return on investment?

    From what we’ve seen, the mood of the whole kitchen changes with that warm focused light versus a harsh garage looking light.

  8. J Scott says:

    Hey Mark –

    We’re not big fan of fluorescent lighting, and we’ll almost always remove these from the kitchen and replace them with the 4-spot track lights. If there is an eat-in breakfast area off the kitchen, we’ll put a matching 3-spot in there, and it generally looks really good. We pay about $40 for the 4-spot and about $30 for the 3-spot at Home Depot.

  9. John says:

    Hey J.

    Do you generally use 2-spot track lights over the kitchen sink when applicable? If so, is that a Home Depot product also?

  10. Toni says:

    Your entire website is incredible! We are investors in SO Cali, run our own RE company, but decided to become RE Investors, instead. So far, we have completed 3 rehabs & have 1 Buy & Hold. Having problems finding properties in Inland Empire, so we are open to invest in other parts of country, such as Indiana, PA, what are your thoughts. Have been purchasing props with cash, but would like to use OPM. Starting campaign for private funding, need some guidance, also searching for info in Portfolio Lending, again, what are your experiences & thoughts.
    Thank you so much for all you’ve shared with the investing community!

  11. nicholas reid says:

    Can I get that list of appliances you’ve talked about in some of your post?

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