House #6: Second Offer

August 11, 2009 · 1 comment

After having The Red Garage House under contract to sell for several months, it’s now been back on the market without an offer for nearly a month.

Today we received our second offer (the first offer since many months ago), which is nice considering how many times we’ve gotten positive feedback from buyers on this house. The offer was solid, and we were planning to counter it immediately, but then my wife talked to another agent this evening who says she will be putting in an offer in the next 24 hours on this same house.

So, it now seems that we’ll have competing offers on this house, which will be even nicer. One way or the other, we expect to have this house under contract in the next 48 hours, which means that every one of our remaining houses will now be under contract to sell!

I’ll have more to say about this once we get an official contract with one of these buyers…

One response to “House #6: Second Offer”

  1. Uncle Jeff says:

    Perfect staging. You guys make a good team. Congrats!

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