House #17: Inspections

May 4, 2010 · 0 comments

[First, if you haven’t voted for Chase, there’s still time! :)]

The Escher House went under contract last week, everything is going relatively smoothly and the buyers had their inspections this past weekend…

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an inspection report from a good inspector with as few issues as this one. Ultimately, the big issue was one that we had known about and were planning to get fixed this week — the main water line has a small leak that’s releasing 50-75 gallons of water per day. The only other request that the buyers came back to us about was to add some flashing to the windows on the front of the house; these are the big front windows with rounded tops, so flashing will be difficult, but we’ll caulk with silicone and that should alleviate any concerns of water penetration around the windows.

Unfortunately, since the inspections, one other issue has arisen. We had some major storms and flooding here Sunday evening, and when I visited the house on Monday, I noticed that a bit of the dirt built up behind and above the new retaining wall had slid around the wall, spilling mud onto the new sod. This likely wouldn’t have happened had the dirt had a couple weeks to settle before we got any major rain, but ultimately, we now may have to add a couple tiers to the wall to keep the new dirt in place and will probably have to replace the sod.

Hopefully we can get all the issues resolved this week, and we expect the first of two appraisals any day now…

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