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May 16, 2009 · 5 comments

Welcome to our new site, 1-2-3 Flip…

For those of you who have followed us here from REI Startup (our previous blog domain), thank you for coming. As you will see, not only is all the REI Startup content from the past year still available here, but I will continue to update the blog almost daily with updates on our business, our projects, and our successes & failures; additionally, this site will be the home of a lot more content, all geared towards helping both aspiring and experienced house flippers towards investing success.

My ultimate goal is to create the premier house flipping education site on the Web, and to do that, I need all the help I can get. As I build out the site over the next couple weeks, I look forward to any suggestions or feedback you have — both positive and negative. There are also other things you can do to help make 1-2-3 Flip the most useful and successful house flipping site around:

  • Sign up for our twitter updates to receive the latest updates on new content, flipping tips, free spreadsheets, and more.
  • Subscribe to our RSS Feed to automatically receive daily blog post updates.
  • Sign up for email updates on new blog posts and articles.
  • Place a link to 1-2-3 Flip on your blog or website (and if you have a real estate related site, let me know and I’ll add you to my blogroll)
  • Do you want to guest-write an article? Let me know, and I’ll make sure to return the favor by promoting your site or guest-writing for your site
  • Post comments on our articles, posts, and pages, and send me any feedback you might have to improve the site.
  • Let all your real estate friends know about 1-2-3 Flip!

Thanks again for your support!

5 responses to “Welcome to 1-2-3 Flip”

  1. Steph says:

    Congrats on the new site- it looks great!

    I’ll add your new url to my blogroll..

  2. Very nice clean site! I’ll change up all my links to this one. Well done

  3. Bilgefisher says:

    I’ll be adding this site to my blogroll. I look forward to the progress here.

  4. Got Rei-links.com updated to reflect your new site as well.

  5. Pete says:


    Love the new site, love the idea, and will continue to follow! I’ve linked your new site to my blog.


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