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November 6, 2012 · 4 comments

I’ve just updated my “RESOURCES” page with all the great web resources I currently know about…the links are in no particular order…

I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of great blogs and resources (I threw together the new page pretty quickly), so if you know of other resources that deserve to be added, please let me know!

Here is my criteria…it’s pretty simple and straight-forward:

  • Real Estate Related
  • Useful to Other Investors
  • Current and Updated Regularly
  • Not Focused on Selling

4 responses to “Updated Resources Page”

  1. Hi J Scott,

    Your blog is great! I’ve learned a lot from it. I just started my blog about house flipping in Los Angeles and am hoping to make your “RESOURCES” page some day.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. J Scott says:

    Hunter –

    Blog looks great…I just added it to my Resources page (just keep in posting and it will stay there)…

  3. J Scott,
    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that. I plan on regularly updating it.

    I’m not sure it’s linked it correctly on your website though.

    Thanks again


  4. J Scott says:

    Thanks Hunter…Fixed!

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