Two Offers? Or Not?

February 6, 2009 · 1 comment

Yesterday, I mentioned that we got The Second Chance House under contract. A few hours later, we got another offer on The Corn House. Both offers came through the same real estate agents (representing two different buyers).

Unfortunately, at this point I’m not convinced that either deal will go through; while The Second Chance House offer was verbally accepted, I haven’t seen the binding contract. And until I see a binding contract, I’ve asked my wife to keep marketing and keep showing the house (interest has picked up in the past week for some reason). And The Corn House offer is another whole story altogether…

It boils down to: the buyers’ agents we’re dealing with don’t seem very concerned with ensuring that the deals go smoothly, and we’re certainly not so desperate that we’re willing to jump through hoops just to close these two properties. With the government’s stimulus package nearly passed, the $15,000 home-buyer tax credit going into effect, interest rates likely dropping to near 4%, and the fact that holding onto these properties really isn’t costing me any money (they’re paid for in cash), I’m confident that both properties will sell soon, and I don’t need to deal with difficult agents.

On the bright side, I’m actually starting to enjoy the Open Houses…


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  1. ezra says:

    Any updates?

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