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May 4, 2009 · 17 comments


Over the past year, I’ve received dozens of email requests for copies of my full business plans — both my Business Plan for Flipping Houses and my Business Plan for Investing in Multi-Units and Apartments. While I’ve posted parts of those plans on my blog throughout the year, I’ve never made the full business plans available in a ready-to-use (or ready-to-customize) format.

As of today, I’m going to make those plans available, but not for free. While I’ve never been comfortable charging for any information on this blog, I’m going to make an exception in this one case. Part of the reason I’m doing this now is that I’m planning to launch another site (that I promise will be even more informative than this one to up-and-coming investors), and I want that site to have a good bit more multimedia content. So, I’m going to have to buy some video equipment and software, and I figure that any money I can raise from this site to help that one get off the ground would be nice.

Of course, all the prior business plan info that I’ve posted here is still available, so I’m not taking anything away; but for those people who want the full template of the plans in Microsoft Word format, they’re now available for $9.95 each (or $14.95 for both).

I’ve seen a lot of the real estate business plans and business plan templates floating around out there, and most of them are being sold for between $35-80. If you’re looking to put a business plan in place for your real estate investing business, and need something to start with, I think mine is a better sample than any that I’ve seen, and is also much less expensive.

17 responses to “My RE Business Plans”

  1. B Lee says:

    I purchased your business plans last night. I am very impressed with them,and would like to thank you for having them available.

  2. hakrjak says:

    Hey Bud — I ordered both of them and paid via paypal, but it didn’t give me the opportunity to download the docs… Can you email them over?



  3. J Scott says:

    Hak (and others) –

    You should receive an email almost immediately after the PayPal purchase with a download link to the plans (I received a notification that it was sent to you about 15 seconds after your purchase)…if you don’t get it within a minute, you might want to check your spam/junkmail folder…

    In the meantime, I’m emailing the docs over to you right now to the email address that was used to purchase…

  4. Rowen says:

    What will the URL of the new site be?

  5. J Scott says:

    Rowen –

    It will be…

  6. Bryan R says:

    Thanks for the biz plan this is exactly what I was looking for. I’m planning to do my first flip real soon and this gave me a million things to think about before I purchase my first property.

  7. Jason Cheshire says:

    I downloaded the sample business plans and they look pretty comprehensive. What are the plans that people are paying for?


  8. J Scott says:

    Hey Jason –

    The ones you downloaded are the ones I used to sell…everything is free now! 🙂

  9. Chris says:

    Are you sample business plans still available for download?

  10. J Scott says:

    Chris –

    If you sign up for the free newsletter, you can download all the forms, including the business plans.

  11. Chris says:

    Thank you. I have been reading your blogs for the past week, and they have all been beyond helpful. I am currently planning to start my own Real Estate business in Chicago. I really appreciate the hard work and knowledge your providing for newbies like myself.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. I am currently persuing my J.D. in Real Estate Law. Will lenders let me close my own deals if I am a Real Estate attorney? I have read that lenders will provide an attorney to represent you at closings. Thanks in advance.

  12. J Scott says:

    Chris –

    Your question about whether attorneys can represent themselves at closing is a great one…I have no idea! Sorry…

  13. Chris says:

    It’s okay, thank you for all your help. .

  14. Tiffany Richardson says:

    Hello, Mr. Scott. I haven’t started anything yet. I actually heard about this house flipping thing from the other guy & when I googled him 2 check out if what he was having people pay a arm 5 fingers & both legs 4 was legit & of course very sad with my findings. I ran across u & I’ve been reading ur info & I have 2 say I’m impressed. I haven’t tried anything yet but I c how u treat ur site. The fact that persons r able 2 ask questions & u answer….COOL BEANS. So now I’m about 2 sign up 4 the newsletter. Thank u

  15. I just signed up for your newsletter because I had heard a lot about this site in my research. I read a post on bigger pockets (i think) that you had updated the business plan with more recent information. Do you still have that one available?

  16. Jerald Young says:

    I would like to purchase your business plan.

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