My Last Day of Work

May 16, 2008 · 0 comments

While I resigned from my job two weeks ago, it’s standard practice to work at least an additional two weeks to ensure a smooth transition of your work to others. So, today is my last official day at my job.

Between writing this blog, finalizing our moving plans, packing, and planning our cross-country drive (we have a dog, and we don’t want to put her on an airplane), it’s been a whirlwind two weeks. The next two weeks (getting our stuff on the moving truck, driving to the east coast, unpacking and getting settled) are sure to be even more crazy.

In preparation for my being without much Internet access the next two weeks, I’ve prepared just under two weeks worth of blog posts ahead-of-time that I’ve scheduled for publication (one per day, as usual). I’ve decided to use these upcoming posts to cover all the stuff that happened before I started publishing this blog — as you might have suspected, I’ve been doing a lot of preparatory work these past few months to plan for the relocation and the business setup, so I’m somewhat further along then just what’s been written in the blog (but for obvious reasons, I didn’t want to start the blog until I left my job).

Specifically, the next bunch posts will cover the ups and downs around our trying to get a mortgage and buy a new house in Atlanta (back in March/April) and trying to get some of my business team in place. By the time we arrive in Atlanta, hopefully you’ll be fully caught up, and I’ll be ready to really get cranking on the business…

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