The Unexpected House: Staging Pics


As a reminder, here is a link to some BEFORE pictures of The Unexpected House…

Here are some STAGING pictures of The Unexpected House (we got this one under contract prior to listing it on the MLS, so we never took any serious pictures…these are just some random shots we took prior to closing):

Staging Pictures

Front of House

Staging Pictures

2-Story Entry Way

Staging Pictures

Family Room & Fireplace

Staging Pictures

More Family Room

Staging Pictures

Living Room (with Archway to Dining Room)

Staging Pictures

Dining Room (with Archway to Living Room)

Staging Pictures


Staging Pictures

Kitchen to Family Room

Staging Pictures

Master Bedroom

Staging Pictures

Master Bathroom

4 responses to “The Unexpected House: Staging Pics”

  1. kareem says:

    Hi mr.scott, in one of you previous comments you stated that you buy all of your finishing materials, can you tell me what do you consider to be finishing materials. I’m thinking I should buy all of my doors,paint and carpet etc. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  2. J Scott says:

    Hi Kareem,

    I generally define finishes as:

    – Lighting Fixtures (Lights, Fans, etc)
    – Plumbing Fixtures (Sinks, Toilets, Faucets, etc)
    – Appliances
    – Carpet
    – Doors/Doorknobs
    – Garbage Disposal, Water Heater, Doorbells, Smoke Alarms, Outlets/Switches/Plates

    Generally speaking, I let me contractors purchase all paint, siding, gutters, roofing materials, wood/lumber/trim, construction materials (nails, fasteners, etc), sheetrock, hardwoods and other stuff that would be very hard for me to measure how much exactly we would need. This way, I don’t have to worry about coming up short (or having overages) of materials, and I also like getting a fixed bid that includes these things, since it’s hard for me estimate material costs for building materials.

    Does that make sense?

  3. kareem says:

    It makes a lot of sense mr. Scott, I figured this much but I’m a novice invester and I just wanted a expert opinion and you are definetly the expert. Thank you very much

  4. Nick says:

    Great lighting, staging and photography.. Was this shot using HDR? Either way the results are impressive!

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