The First Rental: Before Pictures


Here are some BEFORE pictures of The First Rental:

Before Pic

Front of House

Before Pic

Living Room (and Front Door)

Before Pic

Dining Room (from Living Room)

Before Pic


Before Pic

More Kitchen

Before Pic

Kitchen Pantry (To Be Half Bath)

Before Pic

Dining Room (from Kitchen)

Before Pic

Bedroom #1

Before Pic

Bedroom #2

Before Pic

Bedroom #3

Before Pic

Only Bathroom

Before Pic

Other Side of Only Bathroom

Before Pic


Before Pic

More Basement

Before Pic

Even More Basement

5 responses to “The First Rental: Before Pictures”

  1. george petrentzev says:

    i love wooden toilet seats!!! lol

  2. Mark brogan says:

    Looks good so far
    Cant wait to see the after pixs
    Thanks for all you do

    Mark brogan

  3. christina says:

    Sweet! Market rent or section 8? What are your plans for the kitchen? That’s where I don’t know which way I’d go as far as a rental… is the demand with renters such as you’d need a nice kitchen like with a flip?

    Did you make the 2% rule?

  4. J Scott says:

    Hey Christina,

    Thinking Section 8 right now, as I think we can get a slight premium and wouldn’t have to finish the basement. As for the kitchen, keep it the same, but replace the cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Also, that pantry in the back of the kitchen may turn into a 1/2 bath. Don’t think we’ll make the 2% rule after the rehab costs are added in, but won’t be too far off.

    Stay tuned…I plan to write a VERY detailed thread about this property on

  5. Josh says:

    Sounds like about the same rehab we put on most of our rentals except that our average cost is closer to 20k. I’ll be curious to see where you are able to save the $.

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