The Tear-Down House: Before Pics


Here are some BEFORE pictures of The Tear-Down House:

Before Pic

Front of House

Before Pic

Entry Area

Before Pic

Living Room

Before Pic


Before Pic

More Kitchen

Before Pic

Even More Kitchen

Before Pic

Family Room

Before Pic

More Family Room

Before Pic


Before Pic


Before Pic


Before Pic

Crawl Space

Before Pic

Driveway/Alley Next to House

Before Pic

Back of House

18 responses to “The Tear-Down House: Before Pics”

  1. Luis says:

    Yiipeee! Welcome to Fulton County!!

    What? You don’t want to keep the original dirt floor in the unfinished “basement”?

    After looking at these pictures I am not sure why you are considering anything but a tear down. What I have observed in most of these super old in town houses is that it’s easier to tear down and start again than trying to fix. I hope this works out really well for you guys.

  2. Mark in Fl says:

    Looks like the many thousands of similar cottages we have here in Florida – but without the basement.

    We have turned these dining rooms into kitchens and made the kitchen a small bedroom. It works well to make a two bedroom house a three bedroom house.

    Looking forward to the renovation pictures.

  3. Jingle says:

    Wow, I was thinking just the opposite. Unless it is a gold plated area or has a more profitable use zoning wise, and the house to is functionally obsolete, I find a tear down the most expensive option in my area. I haven’t seen a profitable tear down in quite some time……years. Of course YMMV……..

  4. Harry M says:

    Hey J,
    Interesting to see that you’re branching into a project where you do a full rebuild. I’ll be watching this one with particular interest, as I know I’m going to learn an absolute ton from following you guys.
    Best of luck, and I’m really looking forward to following your progress. I know you are going to knock this out of the park!

  5. J Scott says:

    Hey Jingle,

    The value of the tear-down here (and I should have mentioned it in my post) is that there is a LOT of space behind the property to expand the footprint and make a much larger house. The added value will make the work worth it; it likely wouldn’t be worth rebuilding something with the same footprint.

  6. Mark in Fl says:

    So you really are going to tear it completely down and build new then. That is a new direction for you guys. Interesting.

  7. J Scott says:

    Hey Mark –

    We’d most likely tear it down to the foundation, keep the existing foundation, build an additional foundation to expand the footprint and then rebuild. So, not a complete tear-down, but close. And definitely a new challenge for us! 🙂

  8. Chad says:

    Is that an old well in the back? (BTW, the pictures you post are getting better and better, in regards to clarity and focus)

  9. J Scott says:

    Hey Chad,

    You know, I’ve only been to the house once, and I don’t remember seeing the well…but I guess I have something to look for next time. And if it hasn’t been properly abandoned, I guess I have something to add to my renovation budget… 🙂

  10. Gabe Larkin says:


    What neighborhood is this property? I am doing a similar project ITP, but instead of demolishing to the foundation I am going from the studs out.

  11. J Scott says:

    Hey Gabe,

    It’s just outside of Reynoldstown (perhaps even considered Reynoldstown) pretty much at I-20 and Moreland Ave.

    We considered saving the exterior framing, but decided we want 9 foot ceilings on the first level, and it’s easier to just reframe the house than to build half-walls on tops of the existing framing to raise the ceilings.

  12. Don Hines says:

    You finally have posted pictures similar to the thousands of houses like this in Little Rock. Unfortunately, the neighborhoods do not interest me.

  13. simba says:

    Yikes… I am glad I dont have to buy these to make money… I dont want to be a home builder… The name of the game is buy it, rehab it in 3-5 weeks and make some loot and off to the next one…

    Seems like too much work for ol’ simba…


  14. J Scott says:


    I agree! But, unfortunately, Atlanta is a tough market these days — everyone and their brother (and their housekeeper and dog) are getting back into real estate here, and the easy rehabs are getting bid up to the point where you can’t make a profit (do hear another bubble coming!?!?). So, we’re taking on some bigger stuff down here. That’s why we’re spending some time in your neck of the woods as well… 🙂

    The bright side is that we eventually want to get into home-building, so this is a good first start…

    I’ll be up in your area in a couple weeks…let’s grab a beer!

  15. Anthony Baucum says:

    I was looking at the pics and my first impression is that this house was bought due to the neighborhood value (I saw the 2 nice looking houses on either side) and they were able to buy the land and house dirt cheap? The value of the land makes it worth the cost to build due to it being a desirable neighborhood?

    It is a very interesting deal and I’ve been reading your articles like crazy I first read “The 8 Rules for House Flipping” and I respect your No Secrets & No Gimmicks teaching, just a hard work and common sense philosophy.

  16. J Scott says:

    Hi Anthony –

    There has been a decent amount of tearing down and new construction in this area, and it appears that the prices that the new construction is selling for makes this a good deal. The houses on either side are in good shape and should make this one pretty desirable when it’s complete!

  17. Amy J. Steiner says:

    Hi J-

    Congrats on your first tear-down/re-build project! What an exciting new adventure for you guys!!!


  18. Wilson A says:

    Congrats on the sell and nice payday? Look forward to reading about more.

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