The Rot House: Before Pics


Here are some BEFORE pictures of The Rot House:

Before Pic

Front of House

Before Pic

Example of Exterior Water/Termite Damage

Before Pic

Retaining Wall to be Rebuilt

Before Pic

Living Room (From Front Door)

Before Pic

Front Door (From Living Room)

Before Pic


Before Pic

Master Bedroom

Before Pic

Second Bedroom

Before Pic

Third Bedroom

Before Pic

Master Bathroom

Before Pic

Guest Bathroom

Before Pic

Basement Room (To Be Finished)

Before Pic


9 responses to “The Rot House: Before Pics”

  1. Brandon says:

    Ick! I can’t wait to see the “after” pictures on this one! Good luck!

  2. Kristine-CA says:

    Did it come with the instant liability recreation equipment in the backyard?

    I think you’ll have no problem selling that one for top dollar. Lots of house there, finished basement room a great thing. Congrats on closing on another one!

  3. J Scott says:

    Thanks Kristine!

    We’re hoping they’re still coming back for the trampoline. They got 98% of their stuff out of the house, but at closing, they asked if it would be okay to come back for the “patio furniture.” They didn’t indicate if the trampoline was part of the patio furniture (and since they’re now renting, I’m guessing not), but we can hope… 🙂

    As for selling, I have a feeling this will be one of those properties that we can get under contract for $10-15K more than we can get it appraised for. Fingers crossed!

  4. Wynne says:

    Hey J,

    I was just wondering if the “cabinetry” you are replacing is for the kitchen or not. The pictures show the cabinets looking in pretty good shape? Also, are you replacing the wooden floors in the living room? They look ok from the pics too. Thanks.

  5. J Scott says:

    Hey Wynne,

    We are planning to replace the cabinets. This is a decision that my wife and I always debate (she’d rather just keep them when they are in good shape and I always like to replace them so they’re new), and it usually comes down to price. In this case, the kitchen is relatively small, so replacing the cabinets isn’t too expensive and will make a nice selling feature. Also, we have to replace the countertops, and replacing the countertops isn’t as big a “WOW” feature if they are installed on the old cabinets.

    As for the laminate hardwood floor, the plan right now is to keep it. There is one section (right in the middle of the living room, unfortunately) that has a huge gouge in it…so we need to figure out a way to repair/replace that. Assuming we can figure something out, we’ll keep all that flooring.

  6. Stephanie says:

    What do you plan to do with the stipple ceiling? Do you usually leave it, scrape it or sand it down and then mud on top of it to smooth it out?

  7. J Scott says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Stipple is very common around here, and as long as it’s in good shape and doesn’t look bad (which it doesn’t in this house), we’ll leave it. The process to scrape texture off a ceiling is cumbersome and time-consuming, so we try not to do it unless absolutely necessary. If it were a sand texture that was out of style and looked bad, we’d get rid of it, but stipple doesn’t seem to bother people around here.

  8. GB says:

    Careful with the ceiling popcorn, i got stuck with exceeding the 5% asbestos factor requiring Moon People to extract it!!! I should have simply painted it over (encapsulation) – but the whole thing got over amplified, had to get rid of it all.

  9. J Scott says:

    GB –

    That’s stipple, not popcorn. This house was built in the late 80’s, so there isn’t too much risk for asbestos in the texture or sheetrock tape.

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