The Roach Duplex: Before Pics


Here are some BEFORE pictures of The Roach Duplex:

Front of House

Front View of Duplex

Back of House

Back View of Duplex

Living Room

First Living Room

Living Room

Second Living Room

Dining Room

One of the Dining Rooms


Kitchen View


One of the Bedrooms


Another Bedroom


One of the Bathrooms

4 responses to “The Roach Duplex: Before Pics”

  1. Alex says:

    Why are these pictures only of one half of the duplex?

    Are there skeletons in the other side?!?!? 🙂

  2. homesellers says:

    That is the most presentable part of the house, I guess?!!!..I think you have done a major overhall on this?, Is that so?:)

  3. Mark in Fl says:

    Are you planning any modifications to the exterior? We try not to have two entry doors side by side like that.

    Looks like you may be trying something different: multifamily in marginal neighborhoods.

  4. J Scott says:

    homesellers, Mark,

    This was a wholesale — I purchased it for cash and then resold it AS-IS to another investor, who completely renovated the property and still holds it as a long-term rental.

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