The Puzzle House: Staging Pics


As a reminder, here is a link to some BEFORE pictures of The Puzzle House…

Here are some STAGING pictures of The Puzzle House:

Staging Pictures

Front of House

Staging Pictures

Columns Separating Living/Dining Rooms

Staging Pictures

Living Room (Fireplace, Built-In Shelves, Columns) Looking to Breakfast Bar

Staging Pictures

Living Room (From Second Level)

Staging Pictures

Breakfast Bar, Kitchen

Staging Pictures

Kitchen (More Detail)

Staging Pictures

Kitchen Sink, Breakfast Bar

Staging Pictures

Eat-In Breakfast Area

Staging Pictures

Dining Room (From Kitchen)

Staging Pictures

Master Bedroom

Staging Pictures

Master Bedroom (Sitting Area)

Staging Pictures

Master Bathroom (Two Angles)

Staging Pictures

Secondary Bedroom

Staging Pictures

Half Bathroom

Staging Pictures

Back of House

31 responses to “The Puzzle House: Staging Pics”

  1. JonK says:

    Hickory floors? Engineered? Hand scraped? Price per foot? Looks great as usual, J.

  2. J Scott says:

    Hey Jon…thanks!

    Floors are solid oak (3/4″) site-finished with 2 coats of polyurethane. I believe the price was $4.70/sf…when I started a few years ago it was at about $4.20/sf, but prices of hardwoods keep going up.

  3. Mark says:

    I have to say this could be your best house yet. Carol overdid herself on the staging and the house is beautiful. You could get $400,000.00 for this house up here. Great job Jason and Nathan

  4. Mike Jakobczak says:

    My favorite house out of your collection. Great job!

    Should bring in a nice profit for you!

  5. Brian says:

    Hey J, is that granite I see in the kitchen?

  6. J Scott says:


    Yes! We needed to go a little nicer on the finishes in this one (based on the area and resale price), so we went with granite in the kitchen and oak hardwoods throughout the main level. Also, some recessed lighting and upgraded appliances.

  7. Todd W says:

    Awesome Work! Trim Detail in Living/Dining really sets off the space!

  8. joshua says:

    agreed, my favorite house yet. the detail with the columns is classy. well done! i live in phx, and although i don’t rehab, i know the market is way off the bottom. it is hard to get a hold of a property these days. i was looking at some real estate in st pete, fl. they had some crazy deals, but i don’t know the neighborhoods welll. they could be shiat.

  9. Rick says:

    Great job on the finishing touches. It looks great; much better than the images in my head before getting to the pix. You give Home and Garden a run for their money. If you ever cross the Alabama line, let me know. Would love to learn from you.

  10. That is a lot of red accents on the staging…Carol must know something I don’t…:-0

    What is the list price on this one?

  11. J Scott says:

    Hey Luis –

    We can’t give away all our secrets! We listed this one for $165,000…

  12. Mark in Fl says:

    I see no reason you can’t set a new high on the sales price for that neighborhood.

    The details are right, it’s got to smell new, and it’s turn key. Buyers will not be able to find a comparable existing house and will pay a premium for it.

  13. Mark in Fl says:

    I should qualify that by stating a new record high in the last year or so and not going back to 2007 of course.

  14. J Scott says:

    Hey Mark –

    We actually did get this one under contract for much more than we had expected (and we got TWO offers at that price). Now it’s just waiting to see if both appraisals came in high enough. We should know in the next couple days…

  15. Mark in Fl says:

    From the lighting to the 42″ cabinets. It’s all nice work. Here’s a little tip I got from a designer friend: For electrical outlet covers in the kitchen – like the one on your bar, we’re using an inexpensive stainless steel plate from the commercial electrical section. We just pair it with the white outlet and it looks upscale for all of one dollar.

    The next time you’re in one of the new trendy decor McDonald’s, you’ll notice it.

  16. J Scott says:

    Mark –

    Thanks for that tip…I love it!!!

  17. Brad says:

    That price for the hardwoods – is that an installed and finished price? You buying these from a wood store and paying separately for the finish and install or are you on-stop-shopping it?

  18. J Scott says:

    Hey Brad –

    The $3700 was for all materials and labor, including site-finish with stain and two coats of polyurethane. I think it came out to about $4.60 per square foot.

  19. Fernando says:

    I’m a broker been doing flips for 2 years but wholesale everything because I have not been able to find a good dependable general contractor. One bum after another.

  20. J Scott says:

    Hey Fernando,

    If you can’t find a good GC, why not sub things out directly and either manage the subs yourself or hire a project manager to manager the subs. It sucks to have to give up some profit rehabbing just because you can’t find good contractors — have you asked around to other investors?

  21. Daniel Wood says:

    What did you do with that hole in the foundation?

  22. J Scott says:

    Hi Daniel –

    Are you talking about the hole in this picture:

    If so, that entire left corner of the house turned out not to be a foundation wall…there’s a concrete foundation post at the corner of the house, and then the next 10 feet or is actually just plywood covered with concrete to try to match the rest of foundation. Basically, the previous owner had taken an exterior porch and turned it into an interior room — the foundation was open under the corner of the house and he tried to make it look like it was fully enclosed.

    Here is what it originally looked like when the house was built:

    Here is what we ultimately did with it (lattice around the opening):

  23. Brandon says:

    Hey J, you may have answered this already somewhere (you have soooo much content!) but what color do you use on those walls? I want it. I struggle every flip to find the right color. I’ve got my rental color down (Country White, in stock color from WalMart) but I haven’t found the right flip color yet.


  24. J Scott says:

    Hey Brandon,

    We’ve used Sherwin Williams Realist Beige (SW6078) for the past 30 or so projects…we really like it!

  25. Kim George says:

    Job well done on this Flip. I feel so inspired and would love to get into Real Estate Flipping…but dont know where to start. Keep up the good work!

  26. kareem says:

    Hey mr. Scott is that a ceramic tile backsplash you use.

  27. kareem says:

    And do you tile under cabinets and appliances

  28. J Scott says:

    Hi Kareem,.

    Yes, in that house, we used a ceramic tile backsplash. The backsplash is installed after the cabinets and appliances, so it doesn’t go behind the appliances.

  29. kareem says:

    Thanks mr scott, you are so helpful, and i meant when you are tiling your kitchen and bathroom floors do you tile under the cabinets and appliances

  30. J Scott says:

    Hey Kareem,

    I was wondering if that’s what you meant! Yes, I’ll generally tile the entire floor first…it’s easier for the tile guy (though a little more expensive) and that way, if the buyers ever have to reconfigure their kitchen, they won’t have to worry about exposing areas without any flooring.

  31. JOE says:

    what color is the exterior paint? Brand and color

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