The Horsey House: Staging Pics


As a reminder, here are some BEFORE pictures of The Horsey House:

Here are some STAGING pictures of The Horsey House:

Front of House

Living Room

Living Room / Fireplace / Vaulted Ceiling


Kitchen Island

Eat-In Breakfast Area

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Second Bedroom

Office / Third Bedroom

Hall Bathroom


Second Basement Room

Back of House

25 responses to “The Horsey House: Staging Pics”

  1. Dennis Gross says:

    Nice job………..hope it sells quickly at a good price.

  2. Mark says:

    Really nice job onthe house and the staging. Looks like a winner

  3. Mark in Fl says:

    Nice decision on the 42″ cabinets. They look much better.

  4. Mark in Fl says:

    And I’m liking the exterior paint choice.

  5. Bilgefisher says:

    Wow, that top picture looks like something out of a magazine. Well done on the presentation.


  6. Love the staging. If you don’t mind my asking, how much did you pay for it? I don’t usually stage but am really looking to try it out.

    Great photos also. Really vivid. What wall color are you using?

    This is some good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  7. J Scott says:

    Hey Danny –

    We currently own about 5 sets of staging furniture, and can put together a complete house worth of staging stuff for about $2500 these days (my wife has gotten very good at finding great deals and negotiating sets). We generally sell some of the stuff with each sale, so we’re constantly refilling our inventory, and my wife does some staging for other investors on the side (just to keep from having to pay for storage space). Generally, the stuff she uses for other investors is a bit more expensive than what we use in our own properties.

    Personally, I think staging is the key to all the success we’ve had over the years. We see other investors who have rehabs that are nearly as nice and priced the same as ours, but can’t move their vacant properties. The fact that buyers can visualize the space and they feel like they are in a home — as opposed to just a house — really makes a difference, in my opinion.

    The wall color we use for all our interiors is Sherwin Williams, Realist Beige.

  8. Wow. That was a fast response. Thanks.

    We’ve been using Navajo White for so many years and I am just sick of it. It seems to get more yellow with each house we do. I don’t know why. I will have to try your color.

    You guys have a good eye for design. That staging furniture really makes the house look like a million bucks.

  9. Mark in Fl says:

    Hey Danny, What brand of Navajo White are you using?

    We were using the Pratt Lambert version and it always sells, but we’re moving to a more gray color and also moving away from the high contrast white trim to a trim closer to the wall color. It’s more elegant looking.

  10. Mark,

    We are using Sherwin Williams. My contractor has been buying behr paint lately and having it matched to the Sherwin Williams. This is probably the problem.

    I’d love to see a picture of the color combo you are using.


  11. Mark in Fl says:

    That would be nice if we could post pictures here. Behr has some great colors of their own now.

    I’m not impressed with this new Behr primer and paint in one – at all. The paint doesn’t flow out slick over unprimed wood. That experiment failed for us and we’re back to priming and a seperate topcoat..


  12. You could email me. My email is danny at (then hover over my name for the website).

    I never even bothered to try the paint and primer in one.

  13. Matt Kearney says:

    Hi J,

    I’m gonna have to try that Realist Beige sometime.

    I’ve been using Sherwin Williams Softer Tan for years, and on so many houses…. but I think it’s time to mix things up a little bit.

    It looks like it is more of a gray than a tan or beige.

  14. Luis says:

    If you are looking for tan color you all might want to try Duron, Swiss Beige.

    J, I take it the hard floors where already there. Did you do anything to them?

  15. Mark in Fl says:

    I’ll be back at the latest project this weekend and we may have the trim painted by then. I’ll shoot you a picture.

  16. Michael Stole says:

    Great job, J.
    Are those new cabinets or you just refurbished the old previous cabinets? What did you do to the old kitchen cabinets? I wanna do the same thing to my cabinets.

  17. J Scott says:

    Hey Michael –

    These cabinets are brand new. The old ones were in pretty bad shape, and for the couple thousand dollars we spent to replace them, we got a nice “wow” factor in the kitchen. I’m generally not a fan of refurbished cabinets, as they just don’t look anywhere near as nice as new ones. Perhaps I just haven’t figured out the right way to fix them up yet…

    I’m open to suggestions!

  18. Troy says:

    What sheen is the Realist Beige? Thanks!

  19. J Scott says:

    Troy –

    We use flat for wall, and semi-gloss for trim/doors. Ceiling white on the ceilings.

  20. hauszwei says:

    I renovating a couple of houses in Decatur, Ga where there are lot of younger granola type couples moving in which whom I’m going to target. One is a rental, the other a pretty major reno.I’m going out on a limb and using the color gray. I used in my house and am told it’s neutral. any opinions? BTW nice job J

  21. Mark in Fl says:

    Yes, go with it. It’s an in color.

    We use “Mineral” by Behr. It’s a soft very neutral gray. Oh, and red tone woods are definitely out. No mo cherry.

  22. hauszwei says:

    I’ve used IKEA cabinets. They are bear to put together but you can’t be the value, but it really depends on the look you’re going for as well.

  23. Anthony Fullington says:

    Hi J Scott,

    I am curious to what do your guys use to get those floors to shine so sparkerling bright?? They are very impressive…

  24. J Scott says:

    Hey Anthony –

    Normally, we replace hardwood floors instead of just cleaning them, but this is one of the few houses where the floors were in very good shape, so we just had our cleaning crew use a generic mop-and-glow type product on the floors when they cleaned. When we replace hardwoods, we use a 3/4″ oak with 3 coats of polyurethane…

  25. Aaron Garth says:


    What is the exterior color that you have on this house? It looks really nice!

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