The Drought House: Staging Pics


As a reminder, here is a link to some BEFORE pictures of The Drought House…

Here are some STAGING pictures of The Drought House:

Staging Pictures

Front of House

Staging Pictures

Living Room

Staging Pictures


Staging Pictures

Foyer To Dining Room

Staging Pictures

Dining Room

Staging Pictures

Master Bedroom

Staging Pictures

Master Bathroom

Staging Pictures

Guest Bedroom

Staging Pictures

Office / Third Bedroom

Staging Pictures

Guest Bath

Staging Pictures

Downstairs Half Bath

Staging Pictures

Sitting Area / Reading Nook

Staging Pictures


11 responses to “The Drought House: Staging Pics”

  1. Eric Knapp says:

    J Scott,
    Great staging. It really adds to the appeal of the place.
    I am curious as to the material you used for the kitchen floor – it is hard to tell in the photo.


  2. Awesome as usual!

    That’s funny that Eric asked about the kitchen floors because that is exactly what I was going to mention.

  3. PG says:

    Hi Scott, I would like to ask you a question. I am doing a rehab right now, and want to sell the house myself. Can I list the house if I get a real estate agent license, or do I have to be a broker?
    Thanks in advance!


  4. Luis says:

    Almost positive that those kitchen floors are vinyl.

  5. J Scott says:

    Eric, Danny,

    Luis is absolutely correct. It’s vinyl flooring (off a roll, not squares)…we get it for about $4 per square yard and it’s great quality and looks great.

  6. Stephanie says:

    It seems that you really worked your magic. Awesome work Scott.

    M Stephanie

  7. Tricia Bregman says:

    Your wife’s staging is very strong and I appreciate all the pictures you’ve shared. I’m impressed by the investment made in rugs and art. What primary sources have you utilized for these? I find the Craigslist’s inventory spotty and pricing for both items can quickly grow when you purchase retail. Any insight is appreciated.

  8. chlris says:

    another great job what type of carpet and color do you use and where from? great color

  9. J Scott says:

    Chris –

    We live about an hour south of where much of the carpet in this country comes from (Dalton, GA). So, we tend to get really good flooring prices. In general, we don’t pick a specific brand/color, but the supplier we work with knows what we like, and they’ll generally find something in our quality/price/color range for us (they get different stuff in every week, so it’s hard to find the exact same flooring over and over). Of the 30 or so houses where we’ve ordered carpet/vinyl from them, there was never a shipment that we didn’t like, so we trust them to decide for us.

    In general, carpet and vinyl prices are $3.99 per yard (this is for 28-30 ounce carpet that would likely be $10-12 per yard retail. 6 pound pad is $1.50 per yard.

  10. Kristine-CA says:

    I really like the vinyl sheet goods in the kitchen. Looks really appealing. I have a finishing question: I see a line of white along the island base and the base cabinets. Is that some kind of trim on top of the vinyl? Or is that a wide bead of caulk? I’d love to know the name of the vinyl but realize that your vinyl vendor probably installed it because it was a good deal that week based on size and what was in stock. I may take a picture of it with me to my carpet/vinyl people.

  11. J Scott says:

    Hi Kristine –

    That’s actually just pine quarter-round trim painted white. We normally get quarter-round trim that matches the cabinets straight from the manufacturer, but in this case, we used a new cabinet supplier and we couldn’t get matching trim. So, we went with white, and it actually looked pretty good.

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