House #51: Staging Pictures


Here are some STAGING pictures of House #51:

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

Staging Pic

13 responses to “House #51: Staging Pictures”

  1. Shane Woods says:

    You’re gonna have to start sending Carol to babysit the staging and picture taking in these non-home markets. 🙂

  2. J Scott says:

    Shane –

    Unfortunately, you may be correct… 🙂

  3. Shane Woods says:

    That’s the downside to taking the time to become great at something…sometimes the folks around you, even ones that seem on board and really good…just don’t have that same level of passion and/or ability to get it “right” by your standards.

  4. Shane Woods says:

    Same with the paint guys on the other house. Some folks just don’t get it, or can’t do it.


  5. Bo Wagner says:

    Stone fireplace surround–glad you kept it (if you ever doubted it; just cool regardless). Nice work as always!

  6. Jessica Sala-Bonin says:

    Great place! Love the fireplace.feature wall and the bonus room!

  7. MarkHay Rep says:

    It’s a beautiful house, simply love the location and interiors. What was the price?

  8. Frank Anthony Davis says:

    Just curious why you choose not to trim/remove the trees to display the facade a little better?

  9. J Scott says:

    Hey Frank,

    We actually trimmed that tree quite a bit, and had we done any more, it would have looked weird. I’m generally opposed to removing trees just for aesthetic appeal…I’d rather the pictures be a little bit sub-optimal than to have to cut down a perfectly good tree!

  10. DuRon Netsell says:

    Hey J,

    Big fan. Bought both books from BP and learned a ton.

    Would you mind going into a little more detail about what you didn’t like about the staging and pictures?

    I am about to sell my first rehab. My girlfriend and I will be doing the staging and picture taking, so I am trying to learn as much as possible!


  11. J Scott says:

    Hi DuRon,

    The pictures/staging aren’t horrible, but the pictures are a little bit too yellow, as is all the furniture. Again, not horrible, but in my opinion, the pictures made the house look a little bit on the old side, and it isn’t completely clear that it was a fresh remodel. The other issue is that we did a lot of work to open up the kitchen, living and dining room into an open concept, but the pictures don’t capture that very well.

    Ultimately, we got it under contract quickly, so it must have been pretty good. But, I tend to be a little critical sometimes…

  12. Laurie k says:

    I love your website your flips are amazing can I ask you where you purchase your kitchen cabinets.

    Thanks Laurie

  13. J Scott says:

    Hey Laurie,

    I use suppliers local to the different cities I work in. Where are you located?

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