House #8: Another Extension

July 29, 2009 · 4 comments

Yup, The 16-Bid House is still having difficulties getting to closing. As you probably know, the seller has been trying to get clear title on this one (so we can buy it) since March, and still no luck…

Last week, my wife sent the agent an email mentioning that the contract was about to expire AGAIN, and that we needed an extension. Of course, we heard nothing (horrible agent). Then, at 10:00am this morning, my wife gets an email that says, “Attached is the extension…please fax it back to me by noon or the contract will be canceled.”

Of course, my wife called and bitched out the agent, as it’s not our responsibility to rush around after they’ve taken 5 months to deal with these issues. My wife also mentioned to the agent that my project manager had stopped by the house last week to check on it, and it appeared that some kids decided to have a party in there on the 4th of July. My wife told the agent that if they didn’t want to give us more time to get the extension back, good luck trying to sell the place.

The agent called back a few minutes later and told us we could take til the end of the day. In the end, it’s still a great deal for us, so we signed the extension and faxed it back. This one is through August 21…though I’m not holding my breath that we’ll actually close by then.

I’m in no hurry, it will still be a great deal whenever we close on it…

4 responses to “House #8: Another Extension”

  1. nathan says:

    In fact, if the other houses in the neighborhood appraise and sell in the meantime it becomes an even better deal!

  2. Where do some people get off?

    I’ve been dragging my feet and waited to the last possible minute, but you, you my friend have to make this a top priority and get it done immediately so I can go back to being lazy and putting it off again.

    to funny

  3. Shae says:

    Yeah, gotta love folks like that. Glad your wife called her to set things straight! 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    Just like one of the foreclosure agents I dealt with once. Foreclosure agents are a weird bunch. I never like dealing with them.

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