House #5: Rehab Underway

February 10, 2009 · 0 comments

It’s been just over a week since we closed on The DIY House, and already it’s undergone a nice transformation…

We completed demo the first day (including removal of all fixtures, all flooring, all cabinets, countertops, etc). By the end of the second day we had finished scraping all the popcorn texture from the ceiling (of the entire house!), we had replaced about 20 panes of window glass throughout the house, we had replaced the two large garage doors, and we had finished termite treatments and repair to termite infested studs throughout part of the basement.

Over the following five days, we completed all the exterior repairs, including replacing the roof, the gutters, soffit/fascia repair, siding repair, and replacement of rotted trim pieces around the windows. Additionally, we completely rebuilt the from and back decks. Within the house, we replaced most of the doors, and got the walls prepped for painting to begin.

This is the first major project we’ve undertaken without a General Contractor, and as such, it’s required us to be very diligent about scheduling sub-contractors, ensuring that things are done in the right order, and most importantly, it’s required us to be on-site throughout the entire rehab, as we’re the ones who are managing the project. While it’s been exhausting and somewhat more stressful, I can honestly say we’ve accomplished more in the past week on this project than we have in a single week on any other project.

This week, we are focusing on painting both the interior and the exterior, and completing the exterior landscaping. Next week, we’ll get the cabinets installed; replace all the plumbing, lighting fixtures, and appliances; replace all the flooring; get a new A/C installed; and then it’s down to the details — new switch plates, outlet covers, etc. At this pace, I think it’s likely we’ll be completed by the end of the month, a full three weeks ahead of schedule.

Additionally, we close on The Red Garage House this week, so we’ll be starting rehab on that one very soon as well…

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