House #37: Staging Pictures

October 19, 2012 · 2 comments

We finally finished renovations on The WTF House this week, after the final 5% of the job dragging on for much of the past couple weeks. Everything was being held up by the granite countertops in the kitchen (which took over a week to get delivered), appliances (which showed up several days late), refinishing the tubs/showers (which require the house to be empty for 24 hours), finishing the hardwood floors (which requires the house to be empty for 24 hours), etc.

A bit frustrating, as we had hoped to have this one on the market two weeks ago, but the important thing is that it’s done and it looks great!

Here are some final staging pictures of the house:

The WTF House: Staging Pictures

We’ve listed the property at $184,900, which is very high for this general area (this subdivision is in a location convenient to a lot of shopping and houses in here sell for higher than everything around it). It’s also very high compared to other properties we tend to list (the highest we’ve ever listed, actually).

But comps should support something near this price, and if we can’t find a buyer in the first week or two, we’re prepared to lower our asking price.

2 responses to “House #37: Staging Pictures”

  1. osvinwebsolutions says:

    Thank You for such a nice blog…..

  2. Gabe Sanders says:

    The home looks great in your pictures. In my area, you could definitely get more for this home.

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