House #36: On To Sheetrock

October 16, 2012 · 0 comments

I mentioned last week that we were in the midst of rough inspections on The WI-1 House. I’m happy to report that, as of today, we’ve passed all rough inspections (including insulation) and are on to sheetrocking!

Sheetrock will likely take about a week, at which point we’ll start trim out, paint, flooring and cabinetry, all of which will likely take another 2 weeks or so. Then we have finish electrical, plumbing and HVAC and on to our punch list, which will hopefully get done in a week. We’re still hoping to be complete by the end of the first week in November, though that’s a little tight given that we lost a few more days early this week.

Here is a picture of the nearly completed deck on the back of the house (sent over by my carpenter just a couple minutes ago):


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