House #31: The Puzzle House

February 10, 2012 · 2 comments

While we’re still waiting to close on the purchase of The Easy House, we put #31 under contract this past week. This one should be a “fun” project, as it presents some new challenges, is in a new area and will surely provide some great lessons…

The reason I call it The Puzzle House is that upon seeing the house the first time, there were a LOT of things that just didn’t make any sense, and only after visiting the house several more times — including three times with my project manager, twice with my GC and once with a structural engineer — were we able to put together all the pieces of what was going on…and why!

I’ll go into a lot more detail in my next post (when I’ll have pictures to accompany the puzzles), but suffice it to say, a lot went on in that house before the previous owners were foreclosed upon, and it will take a bit of work to get it back into its original — and hopefully better — condition. This rehab will be one of the bigger ones we’ve done in a while at around $50K, and will involve some structural work, some rearrangement of rooms, a redesign of the kitchen and at least a few permits. In fact, if it weren’t for the reassurances of my GC and the engineer, we likely would have backed out of this deal, despite the seller giving us a $10,000 concession in price to take it off their hands!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to use this house to add some interesting rehab discussions to my blog — things have been getting very boring around here the past few months with all these “easy” rehabs and lack of many challenges…

2 responses to “House #31: The Puzzle House”

  1. Mark says:

    You really come up with interesting and catchy names Scott. I also like the challenging aspect of this deal. I hope everything goes as planned.

    M Mark

  2. Luis says:

    Oh goodness, don’t tell me Aaron convinced you to try a “full gut” rehab! 🙂

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