House #30 / #32: Before Pictures

February 25, 2012 · 2 comments

I’m trying to get caught up on taking and posting pictures, so I’m going to do two houses at once with this post…

We closed on the purchase of House #30 (The Easy House) a couple days ago. This one has a 90 day deed restriction, where we can’t resell it for more than 20% above the price we paid for it. Since rehab would only take a few days (it’s a small, easy to rehab house), we’ve decided that we’re just going to try to resell it to another investor for a small profit to avoid having to wait the 90 days.

The house would make a decent rental (so we’ll be marketing mostly to landlords) and would make a simple flip for a new investor who was happy to make a small profit on their first project (so we’ll target new rehabbers as well); who knows, maybe we’ll find someone who wants it as-is and get rid of it quickly for a small profit. In not, we’re happy to rehab it and sell it to a retail buyer — we should have no problem making $15K or so in profit, though like I said, we’d have to wait 90 days to sell it.

Here are some BEFORE pictures: The Easy House: Before Pics

We closed on the purchase of House #32 (The Unexpected House) a little over a week ago, and this one also has a 90 day resale restriction; this one can’t be resold at *any* price for 90 days, so we’ll be doing a slow rehab on this one over the next 6 weeks; it would only be a 2-week project if we rushed it, but we have a lot of other projects going on, so we’ll take our time.

Here are some BEFORE pictures: The Unexpected House: Before Pics

I think I still owe you guys some pictures of The Ticket House, which went on the market last week…I’ll do that in my next post…

2 responses to “House #30 / #32: Before Pictures”

  1. Lucas MacIntyre says:

    I’m interested in putting an offer on your #30 house. Could you send me the info on the property, and I’ll do some work on my end and see what it’ll rent for.

    Lucas MacIntyre

  2. It’s been a while since I stopped by. I’m glad to see you’re still flipping though. 🙂 I just subscribed to your blog for email updates so I should be reading a lot more. I’m looking forward to learning all about your flipping business. Seriously! 🙂

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