House #3: Second Offer

March 23, 2009 · 2 comments

If you’ve been following the “exciting” drama of the past couple days, you know that the contract on The Second Chance House is now officially dead.

On Friday, when it was clear that this deal was likely not going to close, my wife scrambled to get the house back in to showing shape — she rehung the pictures, did some cleaning, and moved back some of the light furniture that we had taken out of it. We took Saturday off, and then today I held an open house, hoping to get some more potential buyers through there.

Long story short, a couple from Nashville who are moving down here were house-hunting for the weekend were very interested in the house, and wanted to put in an offer. I called my wife (who was in the city) and she came back to meet with the couple before they headed home. The couple put in a full-price offer, and promised to call our lender tomorrow to get qualified for a loan (they had a pre-approval letter from their bank, but we’re not taking that chance again).

Assuming nothing comes up during due diligence (they’re using the same inspector who did the previous inspection on that house), assuming they get approved for a loan, and assuming the house appraises for full price (the last appraisals were above full-price), we will hopefully close on this one in late April. I’m not getting my hopes up until we’re a little further along in the process, but it’s reassuring to know that people really love our house.

What a difference a day makes…

2 responses to “House #3: Second Offer”

  1. Ingrid says:

    What a blessing! Keeping the prayers going for a closing with this buyer.

  2. Mallan says:

    Jason, glad to see that what goes around comes around and in the end things will likely work out. Now all you have to do is answer your voice mails and let me know about the light fixture. It’s long but it’s nickel, 5 light probably 48″ long, let me know and I’ll send it with the other one

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