House #3: Moving Forward

March 25, 2009 · 3 comments

As I posted the other day, The Second Chance House is under contract, and the buyers are moving forward full-steam. While they currently live out-of-state, they’re really on top of things, making our lives a lot easier…

On Monday (12 hours after they signed the contract), they had an inspector come out complete a property inspection. They noted two issues that they wanted repaired (missing vapor barrier in the crawl space and an improperly vented bathroom fan), and we plan to take care of that this week. In addition, we’re arranging a survey to be done this week for them (they want to build a garage), they’ve already scheduled their moving company, and they have banks fighting over them to be their lender. They’ve agreed to use our lender, and he’s already given us the good news that their credit is great, they have the down-payment money, and everything is on-schedule for a late-April closing.

While they still have a couple days left in their due diligence period, and then we have to get the final appraisal completed, I don’t foresee any major roadblocks at this point…

Hopefully this one will move forward with a good bit less drama than the last time this one was under contract…

3 responses to “House #3: Moving Forward”

  1. kristeen says:

    With all these updates, it sounds like there is very little that could go wrong at this point. Great progress in such a short time.

  2. J Scott says:

    Unfortunately, as we’ve learned, there’s always a lot that can go wrong…


  3. J Scott says:

    Unfortunately, as we’ve learned, there’s always a lot that can go wrong…


    But let’s hope it doesn’t!!!

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