House #26: First Contract / Pics

October 4, 2011 · 3 comments

As of this past weekend, The Fourfecta House is officially under contract to sell…

The house had only been on the market for two days and I never even had an opportunity to post the final staging pictures that we used in the listing. So, before we go any further, here are some of the final pictures from The Fourfecta House:

The Fourfecta House: Staging Pictures

I’m not too surprised that we got this one under contract quickly; there are essentially no other move-in ready properties in this price range in this area, and we had a tremendous amount of interest the first couple days. In fact, the buyer who made the offer didn’t want to take a chance on losing the property to someone else, so they went with their agent directly to a local Kinkos, wrote up an offer, faxed it to us, and waited for us to respond.

Ultimately, it was a two-hour process of back and forth to get to a final contract, and the buyers stayed with their agent at Kinkos until late Sunday night to make sure all the contracts were signed and official. Hopefully the inspection, appraisal, and closing process will go smoothly…I’ll write more once we get through inspections and the first appraisal. Currently, we’re scheduled to close mid-November.

3 responses to “House #26: First Contract / Pics”

  1. Tom Greene says:

    Dang! I need to find an area like yours!

  2. Danny Welsh says:

    Great work guys. You seem to be building quite a bit of momentum. Great share.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’ve seen the staging pictures and the house looks awesome. I’m not surprised that you got a contract that fast. Great work and thanks for sharing.

    M Stephanie

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