House #24: Second Contract

June 28, 2011 · 1 comment

Yesterday, I posted about how we just put The Wrong House back on the market after a failed contract, and about an hour after I put up that post, we received another offer. We countered and had an accepted contract about an hour later…

The investors apparently hadn’t seen the property at the time they put in their offer, and asked for 15 days due diligence and closing in about 4 weeks. Given how much interest we’ve had on the property, and given that I don’t want to take it off the market unless I’m confident it’s going to close, we countered with 3 days due diligence and closing next week. They immediately accepted those terms…and also provided proof that they had the cash (and much more, which was nice to see).

It’s a cash deal with a relatively large earnest money deposit, so if we get through the due diligence period, it’s probably pretty likely we’ll end up closing. They have a few days to actually visit the property and do their inspections, at which point we’ll know if the deal is going to close or not with these buyers…

I’ll post an update later this week…

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  1. Awesome! Good luck.

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