House #21: On The Market

May 13, 2011 · 5 comments

We completed the rehab on The Leak House yesterday, got it staged today, and it’s getting listed for sale this evening:

View From Street

Here are the final pictures — you’ll notice that many of them are just copies of the pictures of The Trifecta House — this is because the houses are the same layout, same finishes and same staging…so why bother taking new pictures… πŸ™‚

Aside from the surprise leaks we had when we turned on the water, and other than a few additional expenses that we didn’t account for, the rehab went quickly and smoothly. We’re over budget by a few hundred dollars, which is disappointing, but on a $20,000 project, not too bad.

One of the unexpected expenses is replacing our neighbor’s mailbox (which is custom based on HOA requirements); we believe that the dumpster company we use knocked over the mailbox when they were picking up the dumpster this morning. While we’ll try to get them to reimburse us, I’m not counting on it, and we’ll likely just have to eat the $250. We’re replacing our own mailbox anyway, and were able to convince the mailbox company to give us a small 2-for-1 discount.

I’ll post a detailed budget recap next week, and will hopefully have an update on the traffic we’re getting from our listing…

5 responses to “House #21: On The Market”

  1. Sorry to hear about your mailbox incident.

    I once had a neighbor sue me for $1,500 for a tree that my contractor cut about 1 foot over the property line. I told him to cut the tree up to the property line so that a dumpster could be place on the narrow driveway of my investment house.

    He had yelled and cussed at my contractor and I had to go over and tell him that he was just doing as I told him (albeit, I did not tell him to cut it over the property line – but it is difficult to judge when you are in the air and there is no fence). I politely told him to call me if he had any problems with what was going on. He then proceeded to tell me about how he had three attorneys on retainer. Oh Geesh! This kind of guy.

    Well.. fast forward a couple of months. We sold the house and all of sudden my wife gets a knock on our door from a sheriff. She immediately thinks the worse (I was not home) and come to find out we are being served. He is suing for $1,500 for a stupid tree that had a couple of limbs trimmed.

    I went over to the house and noticed that he had proceeded to butcher the rest of the tree….go figure. He was hoping for a quick buck, being that he figured we had just sold the house and would just want it to go away.

    I was thinking about the situation and realized that he had just bought the house while we were working on ours. After looking at the date of his recorded deed, I determined that he had not owned the house when the tree was cut. Our attorney immediately sent over a letter stating that we wouldn’t pay and to get lost. He got lost. πŸ™‚


  2. Mark in Fl says:

    That’s great. You called his bluff. He’s foolish to spend any more money pursuing this.

    How someone can come up with $1,500 in damages for one foot of tree is beyond me, but we see it all the time in my line of work.

  3. Tom Greene says:

    That is a very impressive turnaround time even with the “extensive” time for closing.

  4. ezra says:


    I was the owner at the time you cut the tree. Please send me the $1500.


    tree owner

  5. Ezra,

    It’s in the mail. Be sure to check for it everyday. πŸ™‚


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