House #19: Week 3 Update

November 7, 2010 · 2 comments

We’re about two-and-a-half weeks into The Flood House rehab, and things are still on schedule and budget

The drywall installation completed a few days ago, and on Friday we had 17 doors delivered and installed. Yesterday, we got several windows replaced, and all the new baseboard and trim installed. We realized that our budget had forgotten to include all new window casing labor and materials and trim materials, so that added an extra $500 to our overall costs; but we’re still under budget at this point, so no complaints.

On Monday, interior painting starts. We’ll prime the walls on Monday and put on a final coat of paint on Tuesday, and hopefully by mid-week, we’ll be ready to start on the finish electrical and some of the finish plumbing tasks. By the end of the week, we hope to have the finish HVAC completed and have cabinets installed, at which point we can finish the plumbing work as well.

That will leave flooring as the last major task, along with a bunch of final finishing details (polish the tubs, new registers, install appliances, landscaping, etc)…

2 responses to “House #19: Week 3 Update”

  1. Owen D says:

    Hi J,

    Question for ya… Do you know roughly what your per sqare foot price is (hang & finish) for drywall, or do you pay per sheet? I’ve got a 1000 sft house that will need 75% of the drywall replaced, and want to see how you approach larger drywall jobs from a cost perspective.



  2. J Scott says:

    Owen –

    A good rule of thumb is to price drywall per square foot of finished wall space being done. So, a drywaller would measue the wall space and then say, for example, that he needs 100 sheets of 8’x4′ drywall. That’s 3200 square feet of wall space.

    Prices in my area run anywhere from $.60/sf to $1.00/sf, with the higher end of the range being retail pricing. I pay $.66/sf, which is a reasonable price for an investor where I live.

    So, this hypothetical job would cost me about 3200 x $.66 = $2112. That includes materials, hanging, taping, mudding, sanding and prepping for paint.

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