House #19: Week 2 Update

October 28, 2010 · 2 comments

The week started off a little frustrating at The Flood House with the extra work required for the mold remediation, but after several days of hard work, it appears we’re still on schedule

The mold remediation took about two days — the first day to spray the anti-microbial and the second day to encapsulate the studs (basically ensure that any mold spores on the studs never get into the air). Once the mold remediation was complete, our drywall team came in and installed the fiberglass insulation in all of the exterior walls around the house. We also had a couple guys come in to fix some minor framing issues around the interior.

On Friday morning, we’ll have a final inspection of the insulation (the rest of the rough inspections have already been completed), and assuming the inspector has no issues, we’ll be starting the drywall installation either Friday afternoon or Saturday. Our goal was to finish the drywall installation and finishing by the end of week two (which is next Tuesday), and there’s a good chance we’ll hit that target.

Worst case, our drywall crew will be in there an extra day or two, and we’ll finish late next week. Our door and window installers are ready to get to work late next week, and hopefully we can start painting the interior by weekend.

I’ll post some pictures of the drywall progress in a few days…

2 responses to “House #19: Week 2 Update”

  1. Tom says:

    Hi J – just curious how many people are on the drywall team? Their estimate is about 5 days for a 1500 SF house?


    – Tom

  2. J Scott says:

    Hey Tom –

    The drywall company we use actually has three separate teams — one does the hanging of the drywall (4-5 guys), one does the taping and mudding (3-4 guys) and the third team does the sanding (2-3 guys).

    The 4-5 days for installing drywall is total time, not actual work time. The first team came in on day one and hung 120 sheets of drywall in about 6 hours. The second team came in the morning of day two and did all the taping and mudding in about 3 hours. They let the mud dry for about 24 hours and then late in day three the sanding team came in and sanded/mudded in a couple hours. The third team came back on day 4 to do a final sanding in a couple hours.

    So, while it took 3 teams 4 days to complete, it was only about 15-20 hours worth of total work.

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