House #19: Week 2 Pictures

November 3, 2010 · 2 comments

We are at the end of week two for The Flood House rehab, and so far, we’re pretty much on-schedule and a bit ahead of budget

After completing all the demo, rough plumbing, rough electrical and inspections during week one, we’ve spent week two doing mold remediation, installing insulation, and hanging/finishing drywall. The mold remediation was a small surprise and pushed us back a couple days, but we made up a day on the drywall, and now we’re only a day behind schedule (which we should be able to make up in week three).

In terms of budget, the mold remediation went over budget by about $1000, but we did a great job of negotiating our materials for this project, and came in about $1500 under budget on those.

As for how the house looks, the drywall crew did a fantastic job — three teams over four days hung 120 sheets of drywall, taped, mudded and sanded — and the arches in the main living areas really stand out. We expect to start hanging doors and painting over the next couple days.

It was a little dark when I stopped by the house this evening to check on progress, but I got a few pictures…here you go:

2 responses to “House #19: Week 2 Pictures”

  1. Harry says:

    Congrats, J, looks like it’s really coming along. It’s going to be a beautiful house when done. I really dig all the arches.

  2. Mark In Fl says:

    I’m sure it will be sexy when you’re finished.

    With the 600 million of “virtual money” the fed is pumping into the economy, we have at least a short term opportunity for more buyers.


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