House #18: Appraisal

July 15, 2011 · 2 comments

We just got the results of the appraisal for The Haggle House, and the value came in above the purchase price (Sale Price: $95K, Appraised Value: $96K)…

This was the last major hurdle for this property, and now the loan should go to underwriting. Assuming there are no issues that the underwriter finds (at least no major issues), I imagine we should be on-schedule for an end-of-month closing. In addition, it turns out that we did need a whole new A/C system (compressor and coil), which cost us about $1700, but the Buyer is happy that she got a new system and the cost of this rehab was still relatively small, so everyone is happy.

On another note, the closing for The Leak House got pushed out until next week…

2 responses to “House #18: Appraisal”

  1. Zac says:

    Hey J,
    I used to get an email update everytime you entered a new blog post. For some reason, I no longer get them. I love reading your blog, so if there’s anyway to add me to your email list again that would be great!

  2. J Scott says:

    Hey Zac,

    First, thanks for being a loyal reader!!!

    On the front page, there is a “Subscribe to Email” link (or something like that). It should take you to a Feedburner page that lets you sign up for email notifications. I would try signing up again. Let me know if you still have problems!

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