House #12: Final Staging

September 9, 2009 · 2 comments

I just realized over the weekend that I never posted any final pictures of the The Mini House after it’s been staged…

Here you go!

And to make up for my slacking on this, I even did a quick little walk-through video (not great, but it will do):

2 responses to “House #12: Final Staging”

  1. Carol in CA says:

    Why didn’t you change the range hood to match the other appliances? Everything else looked great in the kitchen except that one item. The home office desk looked too large and blocked the window a bit. The large size of the desk shrinks the room.
    The other item were the steps outside the master bedroom sliding glass door. It would have looked nicer to just extend the steps to the entire length of the glass door and it would not have cost that much out of douglas fir and paint it with a redwood stain. Over all looks great these are just some suggestions.

  2. J Scott says:

    Hi Carol,

    What a lot of people don’t realize until they’ve rehabbed a few houses is that — while it’s nice for a property to be absolutely perfect — spending the money to make a property perfect will often result in a major decrease in profits and/or a smaller buyer pool. At the time we listed this house, it was likely the lowest priced move-in-ready property in the entire county. There were lots of buyers who didn’t have any other choices in this price range, and were MORE THAN HAPPY to trade an off-color range hood and steps that didn’t extend the entire length of the door in order to save money on the price of their home.

    The goal for many of our lower-end houses is to ensure that buyers get a house that is completely move-in-ready with all new appliances, fixtures, flooring and accessories, but at a price that is at least 10-20% below the competition. If we were to focus on all the little details (like pouring new concrete to extend the steps), we’d have to raise the price, and everyone would be less happy.

    As for the oversize desk, this was a small room, and had we thought that it would have impacted the sale AT ALL, we would have bought a new (smaller) desk. In fact, the buyer of this house asked to keep the desk, so this $50 investment actually helped us sell the house.

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