House #11: Rehab (Vid 3)

August 5, 2009 · 2 comments

We’re continuing to make great progress on The Sunglasses House, and given where we are on the rehab, it’s likely we’ll hit our estimated 6 week schedule…

This past week, we’ve completed the interior painting, finished reglazing and repairing all the windows, installed the vinyl flooring in the bathrooms and laundry room, installed most of the light fixtures, installed the air conditioning and furnace, installed a drop ceiling in the laundry room, and installed the new double vanity in the master bathroom.

Here’s a video update of our progress:

In the next week or two, we’ll finish the flooring (hardwood and carpet), install the kitchen cabinets, do the final plumbing, and then knock out the remaining little finishing details, like the mini-blinds, door-knobs, switches, outlets and registers.

2 responses to “House #11: Rehab (Vid 3)”

  1. Alex says:

    I was just wondering what you usually do for your heating systems? In my area pretty much every house has Radiator’s or Hot Water Baseboards with no A/C. Just wondering if you’ve figured out a way to solve this problem?

  2. J Scott says:

    Alex –

    Around here, everything is pretty much central heating and air conditioning, and almost all houses built in the past 50 years have the central ducting in place. We work with a great HVAC company who can put in a new air conditioning condenser, coil, and furnace for a typical one of our houses for about $2700.

    Worst case, there’s some damage to the duct work that adds a couple hundred dollars, but we’ve never spent more than $3K on HVAC for a single house.

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