House #10: The Deja Duplex

May 18, 2009 · 3 comments

After selling The Roach Duplex for an easy profit last week, we decided to take a look at a couple of the other duplexes that were listed for sale on the same street. We ended up looking at the one two doors down, just listed for $24,000 a couple days ago. It was exactly the same layout and design as The Roach Duplex, but in a bit better shape.

We called the agent and found out that there had been a lot of interest in the place and that a couple offers had already come in.

So, we immediately faxed over our full-price offer, with full-price ($24,000) in earnest money, and told them we could close as soon as they wanted. Well, I guess no-one else had offered full-price with $24K earnest money, because we had a verbal acceptance within a few hours.

We close on this one in mid-June, and while I don’t know what we’ll try to do with it just yet, we have several options. I think we could get it into rental shape for about $20-25K, and sell it to an investor for a reasonable profit. And we could probably wholesale it to another investor for a quick $5K like we did with The Roach Duplex. Right now, those are my two primary exit strategies for this one…we’ll put together a more detailed plan as the closing approaches.

I don’t have any good pictures of the duplex, but since everyone likes pictures, I grabbed this one from the MLS listing (notice the duplex in the far background on the left – that’s The Roach Duplex):

Deja Duplex

3 responses to “House #10: The Deja Duplex”

  1. kiran says:


    Where are these duplex’s located at, do you have an idea of what they can rent for. I would appreciate if you can send me the address.


  2. J Scott says:

    Hi Kiran –

    These two duplexes were on Old Concord Road in Marietta, GA. The person I wholesaled them to did a good bit of rehab and now has them rented, but I don’t how much he’s charging.

    My guess is that a decent 2/1 in this area would probably rent for $550 or so. It’s a relatively low-income area, and many of the duplexes aren’t in great shape, though over the past year (since I wholesaled these) there has been a LOT of investor activity.

  3. kiran says:

    Thanks Scott

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