House #10: Officially Ours

June 11, 2009 · 1 comment

We closed on the purchase of The Deja Duplex today, and have decided that we’re going to try to wholesale this one, just as we did the one next door.

In fact, we may even sell it to the same buyer!

We called the buyer of The Roach Duplex today on the way to the closing, to let him know that we had another one on that street and to ask him if he was interested. He didn’t answer, so we left a voice mail message.

When we got to the closing, the listing agent mentioned that she may have a buyer for the duplex if we wanted to immediately turn around and sell it. We said “Sure!” and she told us that she was showing it to him first thing tomorrow morning. After a bit more discussion, we realized that the buyer she had lined up was the guy we just left the message for. He had called the listing agent when he saw the For Sale sign, not knowing we already had it under contract.

Even funnier, as we were having this discussion with the listing agent, that buyer returned my wife’s call. He was completely confused, as he still had no idea we were buying it (the agent told him it may be available, but didn’t tell him that it was from us, not the original seller).

Anyway, we straightened it out, and I have a feeling he’ll be putting in an offer on it. Additionally, we’ve already gotten a couple other potential buyers who have looked at the property, so if we can get rid of it in the next week or two, I’ll be very happy.

Hopefully I’ll have more to say about this one in a few days…

One response to “House #10: Officially Ours”

  1. Bilgefisher says:

    Congrats on that. I hope the wholesaling side picks up for you a bit as you grow your business.

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