House #1: Inspections

April 4, 2011 · 1 comment

Things are moving right along on the sale of The Corn House. The buyer is using a down-payment assistance program, which required two separate inspections — one just a basic safety inspection and one a full general inspection. Both were completed last week, and while there were some repairs/issues noted (in the general inspection), there’s nothing that I expect will be a showstopper…

Ultimately, there are about 13 repairs we will have to complete in order for the buyer to get approval for her loan — everything from repairing some damaged siding to adding some deck flashing to reversing the hot/cold lines in the shower to installing a chimney cap. I expect the repairs to take about 2 days at most, after which the inspector will return to verify and sign off on the repairs.

Additionally, we’ve agreed to build a fence for the buyer to enclose the backyard and to shield the view of the debris-filled yard of a neighbor behind the house. We’ll had a survey completed this past weekend to determine where the property lines are, and we plan to meet with the buyer and start getting bids to build the privacy fence this week.

The last major hurdle for this sale will be the appraisal, which will hopefully be completed this week as well. Assuming no issues with the repairs, the fence or the appraisal, we’re hoping to close this deal in mid-April, potentially a week or two prior to the contractual closing date of April 28.

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  1. Oh the joys of the required and requested repairs. I personally used to get really frustrated with these lists but have learned to stay calm and know it is just another part of this business. It sounds like you have to. It really doesn’t require much time when you are just calling your contractors and then writing the check when they are done.

    Don’t you just love junkie neighbors? 🙂


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