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April 3, 2013 · 4 comments

Thought this was cool…I got quoted a couple times today in the following article:

Tips for Making Money Off Your First Flip House

4 responses to “Fox Business Article”

  1. Daniel Fisher says:

    That is pretty cool. Two investors I follow pretty closely quoted in the same article! Way to go on being a positive influence to everybody. Keep it up J

  2. Quelv!n from BP says:

    wow… Jason is come up in the news… you must be doing something right! 🙂

    well, after reading that article, I feel equipped to be an investor now! 😉 now better understanding the market, it’s crazy to see how the media comes AFTER the party and brings in the hype and herd for the after party. then again, I guess no one would be paying attention if this article and the same type of news along with it came out a year ago…

    Nice going, Jason!

  3. Michelle says:

    Very cool! Congratulations!

  4. Dean says:

    In Australia we typically refer to ‘flippers’ as a ‘quick reno’, Australian’s love renovations. So many TV shows dedicated to the topic. Interesting article still, and the theory is applicable to any country. Buy for the right price, have a team of trustworthy workers and achieve the results in the designated time frame. Nice article!

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