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December 9, 2008 · 5 comments

As part of our marketing and branding efforts, it’s important that we start designing and producing marketing collateral that is consistent and representative of the brand we want to build. My wife is the creative one between us (she has held management positions in both Marketing and Design for several Fortune 500 companies), so she has been the one focused on creating a logo, defining our brand characteristics and ultimately designing any collateral that contains reference to our business.

My wife recently got her real estate license, and as such, is required to partner with a real estate broker (for reference, companies like Re/Max and Coldwell Banker are real estate brokers) in order to practice as a real estate agent in our state. She has partnered with a company called Solid Source, which is a fast-growing real estate brokerage with nearly 3000 real estate agents in Georgia.

One of the nice things about Solid Source is that that encourage their agents to build businesses that are branded separately from them (like we are doing with Lish Properties), though they do require that they are part of the branding for anything related to our real estate transactions (they are ultimately responsible to ensure that my wife doesn’t do anything unethical or illegal in our real estate transactions). In other words, any collateral that we use to marketing buying or selling properties must be co-branded between our company and Solid Source. But other than that, we are free to build and brand our real estate company as we see fit, but still get all the benefits of working with a first-class real estate brokerage firm.

The first order of business now that my wife is taking responsibility for buying and selling our properties is to create “Coming Soon” and “For Sale” signs to market our properties. While many agents just use off-the-shelf signs from their brokers, as we mentioned above, it’s important for us to start branding our own business independently.

Here is a preview of our custom “Coming Soon” and “For Sale” signs that will hopefully help us to get our own brand associated with our properties:

Coming Soon

For Sale

Now I just need to work on improving the Lish Properties website!

Btw, any feedback on the sign is welcome…

5 responses to “For Sale Signs”

  1. kristeen says:

    I love the signs – great color scheme and they are designed to stand out from the others! I especially like your tagling for Lish Properties. Great job again, Lish!

  2. Bilgefisher says:

    One idea for the properties on your website. Perhaps some before and after photos? That way folks can see how much effort and time you put into your properties. I think it also makes the finished product stand out much more.

    Other then that, I like the signs, very clean and to the point.

  3. J Scott says:

    Good call, Bilge!

    I think I have much of the content I need for a nice website…now I just need to sit down and design it (or find a good template)…

  4. Cooper says:

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but does this mean that each house sold by Lish Properties had 2 signs in the yard (one for Lish and another for the broker)? I am preparing to take the salesperson license exam here in Alabama, and I would like to be able to list my own properties as well as to build my own brand.

  5. J Scott says:

    Hi Cooper,

    Not a silly question at all. It’s actually just one sign, but the sign is co-branded both with the broker’s name/logo and Lish Properties’ name/logo. Our broker has general requirements for how the signs need to be designed (for example, the broker’s logo must equal to or greater in size than ours), but as long as we’re within those requirements, we can do what we want.

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