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House #40 – SOLD

House #40: Final Analysis

July 3, 2013

We closed on the sale of The Power House last week… We originally planned to hold this one as a long-term rental, and even had it up for rent for a while (and got LOTS of interest and applications), but as we were going through the process of pre-qualifying potential tenants, we realized how much […]

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House #40: WANNA BUY IT???

May 5, 2013

We’ve been holding onto The Power House since November, trying to decide if we want to rent it or sell it. When we list it for rent, we get a tremendous amount of interest, but we keep deciding that we really don’t want to be landlords right now. So, it’s still vacant and we’ve finally […]

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Houses #44 / 47: Under Contract

March 9, 2013

We “listed” three houses for sale last week: The Retail House, The Divorce House and The Power House. When I say “listed,” we actually just mailed a flyer to a bunch of agents we know who represent large-scale cash investors and hedge funds who buy in Atlanta. Over the next couple days, we received a […]

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Water Water Everywhere

January 30, 2013

We’ve had several issues with water at our properties in the past week or so… First, The WI-1 House was seeing some water intrusion into one of the corners of the basement. Since we had just excavated and braced that wall — along with completely finishing the space — we were a bit worried. Ultimately, […]

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Update for 1/2/2013

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! I haven’t written much the past couple weeks, as I’ve been traveling and working on finishing up the book I’m writing (stay tuned!)… I did want to provide a quick update on all the houses: House #36: The WI-1 House The WI-1 House has gotten a decent amount of showings, and a […]

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House #40: Ready for Rent

November 17, 2012

The Power House is rehabbed — which was basically replacing the hot water heater, putting in a stove, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, getting pest control, interior paint and some minor exterior repairs — and we’re now looking for a renter. Here are some pictures we used in the rental listing: THE POWER HOUSE: PRE-RENTAL PICTURES […]

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House #40: The Power House

October 24, 2012

We haven’t yet closed on the purchase of House #38 (The Rent-Back House), but we just got House #40 approved for purchase and we’ll be closing on it this week: This is a short sale that we originally offered on back in March of this year. We’ve been waiting over 7 months for the bank […]

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