At Home in Atlanta

May 29, 2008 · 1 comment

Well, we’re here…

After several long days of driving through snow (yes, snow!) and thunder storms, sleeping in our car (everyone else was smart enough to get out of the storm and the hotels were booked), and one 27 hour stretch of driving, we made it to Atlanta. Our stuff arrived on Tuesday, and the computer is finally unpacked, so here I am, back in the land of Internet access…

It’s been a great couple days since we arrived. We’ve met two of our neighbors (who were fighting our us for dinner), the dog is getting acclimated to the new house (if not the hot, humid weather), and the fiancee and I are getting unpacked and settled.

Time to get down to business — starting tomorrow on this blog I’ll be digging in a little deeper into financial analysis of real estate, why investing in apartments can be so lucrative, and in-depth discussion of real estate cycles and markets. I’ll also be finishing my business plan over the next two weeks…

One response to “At Home in Atlanta”

  1. Mark says:

    You know maybe you could sell advertising for this blog and instead of investing in a so so market you could make millions just writing this blog. Add pictures of the neighbors fighting over you, the fiancee, the dog, even the handsome, incredibly charming father. You can write why you raised with and ace/three when everyone at the table knew you were bluffing. Hope you’re doing well and you and Ezra are having a good time

    Love you

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