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July 4, 2010 · 13 comments

Let me reiterate that I haven’t fallen off the earth, and I haven’t stopped writing this blog…

After two years of constant house flipping and blog writing — and with the $8000 homebuyer tax credit expiring at the end of this past April — we decided to take a one month hiatus from flipping (and mostly from writing) to focus on some other real estate business ventures. That one month break turned into two months, and now we’re on a week-long vacation to visit some family and friends we haven’t seen in a while.

Starting in about a week, we’ll be back to business, and I plan to start posting at least 4-5 times per week like I’ve been doing for the past couple years…

In the meantime, I’m honored that BiggerPockets.com — often considered the premier real estate investing site on the web — has named 123Flip.com as one of the 20 Best Real Estate Investing Blogs!

Check out the whole list here:

The Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs

13 responses to “20 Best RE Blogs”

  1. Steph says:

    Congrats on making the list, J- it is definitely well deserved!

    Nice to hear that you are taking some time off, too. It’s nice to get away from the grind once in awhile to clear your head. I’m sure you’ll be ready to kick some butt when you return.

    Happy (belated) 4th to you and your family!


  2. J Scott says:

    Thanks Steph!

    And congrats as well to you for making the list (though there was really no doubt given the amazing quality and effort you put into your blog)…

  3. Keep on blogging and you’ll surely keep on getting added to lists like ours! There’s little doubt as to the level of quality you’re putting out.

  4. Steph says:


    I meant to say “kick some butt” not “get some butt”. Oops!

  5. Mark N Fl says:

    That is too funny!

  6. You deserve it j.Scott! You write the most well put together and informative posts I’ve seen on any blog.

  7. Bilgefisher says:

    Your blog introduced me to the world of bloggers and has helped keep me motivated in real estate. I appreciate it.


  8. ezra says:

    Everyone wish the old guy a happy bday 2day!!!

  9. Chris Ranney says:

    Happy Birthday!! I too have taken some time off. My wife and I sailed our boat from Cayuga Lake in NY to Sarasota. We just got in yesterday. Enjoy your vacation J.

  10. J Scott says:

    Thanks for all the kind words and birthday wishes, folks (though I try not to publicize the b-day, because I don’t like to think about them anymore :)…

    Chris – Enjoy your vacation!!!

  11. J Scott says:

    Thanks Steph – And fixed your comment! 😉

  12. ezra says:

    Sorry J, can’t help my evil ways. You know the only reason I mentioned your birthday was because you didn’t want it mentioned:)

    It’s silly though cuz you’re so young!

    Hope you had a fun one!

  13. BharatVarsha says:

    I have seen your all blogs. you have done really a good job.
    your Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs are very creative.

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